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In this thrilling narrative, a formidable deity possesses the ability to bestow eternal life. This divine being concocts a distinctive elixir named Amrtaka, which confers everlasting life upon those who partake in it. The deity imparts the coveted recipe to a select group of ten devoted followers, instructing them in the art of crafting this extraordinary potion. Numerous kingdoms undertake epic quests to gain control of the islands where these ten loyal followers produce Amrtaka. Their objective? To achieve immortality for themselves as well!

In total, there are 48 cards in the game. Each player receives six cards and selects one ability from these cards on their turn. These abilities often involve moving according to the weapon's specifications and adding the move value in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. To increase this value, players can use up to three army tokens, enabling them to move strategically around the board.

The objective of the game is to reach a total of 60 points. The first player to achieve this goal wins. To accumulate these points, you begin with 15 points and a 5-point token. To earn the 15-point token, you must make your land immortal, while securing the 5-point token requires successful attacks on your opponent's lands.

Now, you will have access to four kingdoms, each with two types of armies – one with a power rating of 2 and the other with a power rating of 1. Additionally, you'll find four melee weapons, four ranged weapons, flags symbolizing your ownership of a land, and two portals.

Portals are your key to maneuvering across the occupied lands. You can use them to transport armies between your lands, making them immortal, or to launch attacks on your opponent's territories. You have the flexibility to place or remove a portal during your turn. However, a portal can only transport you to another land if that land has its own portal, or you can carry it with you to a different land.

Let's start by looking at the game board. It has ten special places, each connected to one of Dhanvantri's followers. They're the ones who make and share a magical potion. Every time it's your turn, one of these special followers moves a bit on their path.

But, something interesting happens on the 11th turn. The followers move again, and this time, they reveal their amazing powers. This is when the game gets really exciting! Four nearby kingdoms try really hard to take control of these special places.

As the game goes on, and we get to the 21st turn, the followers go back to where they started. And finally, the game ends on the 30th turn, and our exciting adventure is over.

Now that you understand the game's premise and mechanics, it's time to embark on your journey through the world of "Amrtaka." Enjoy the adventure, and may the most skilled strategist emerge victorious!

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