Welcome to Undertree Games

Hello and welcome to Undertree Games, a special place where board game lovers come together for fun and adventure!

In 2022, some friends who really love board games started a company called Undertree Games LLP. At first, they made up cool game ideas, but soon they became a group that makes and shares awesome tabletop games. Our team is made of super talented people, like game makers, designers, artists, animators, and tech experts.

At Undertree Games, we think that always having new and creative ideas is the key to making really cool board games. We love telling stories that make you feel like a kid again, playing games with friends. That's why we picked the name 'Undertree'—it reminds us of the times we played games with friends under a tree when we were kids.

Come join us on this exciting adventure! We want to keep making new and super fun board games that not only make you laugh and have a great time but also take you back to the happy moments of your childhood. Dive into the world of Undertree Games and find the magic of playing games with friends under the tree!

Let's make more memories together!